SEP 24, 2020

「artKYOTO 2020 ~History in Action Festival~」世界遺産・二条城と重要文化財・京都国立博物館の2会場を舞台にアートの祭典として12月に開催決定。

artKYOTO 2020 ~History in Action Festival~" will be held in December at two venues, Nijo-jo Castle, a world heritage site, and Kyoto National Museum, an important cultural asset, as an art festival.

今年のartKYOTOは、「artKYOTO 2020 ~History in Action Festival~」と題し、先人たちが守り育んできた文化芸術の歴史を現代の知恵として刻むべく、美術市(アートフェア)に加えて、舞踊劇や美術史体験ツアーなどの複数の文化芸術プログラムを同時開催いたします。



With the subtitle of “History in Action Festival,” artKYOTO 2020 will concurrently host multiple cultural and artistic programs, such as an art market (art fair), a live performance drama, and an art history experience tour. The event aims to engrave in our minds the history of culture and art, which our predecessors have long protected and nurtured, as present-day wisdom.

 To host multiple programs, the Kyoto National Museum, an Important Cultural Property built during the Meiji era, will also serve as a venue in addition to Nijo-jo Castle, a World Heritage site built during the Edo period. The period has been changed and will be from December 4th Fri to 6th  Sun, 2020. An exclusive preview for the press and invited guests will be held on December 3rd Thu.

 In carrying out this event, we will implement full-fledged measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and aim to provide various experiences, including appreciating culture and art and owning artwork, even under the new lifestyle.

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