AUG 6, 2020


We will host the event using a well-prepared system that will thoroughly execute COVID-19 measures.







対策1 感染の疑いがある方の入場を未然に防ぐ「水際対策」




対策2 時間帯別入場制限と、会場内換気を徹底した「三密対策」



対策3 完全予約制による「追跡対策」








京都にお越しいただけない方や、海外在住の方にも「artKYOTO 2020」をお楽しみいただけるよう、オンラインでの展開も予定しています。インターネット上での美術市や関連アート催事などの体験を通じて、文化芸術の価値の多様性を広く世界に発信してまいります。

Our top priority is to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We will make absolutely sure that full-fledged COVID-19 measures are in place, to ensure that everyone can safely visit the event in line with a new style of life.

The Japanese government’s Basic Policies for Novel Coronavirus Disease Control and the Novel Coronavirus Expert Meeting’s Analysis and Recommendations of the Response to COVID-19 require the implementation of infectious disease prevention guidelines prepared for each industry. The event is in strict compliance with museum guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as set forth by the Japanese Association of Museums and the exhibition industry guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as established by the Japan Exhibition Association. We will thoroughly execute measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among visitors, exhibitors and contractors, and will plan, prepare and hold the event using a well-prepared system.


(Example of measures)

Measure 1: Prevention measures for admitting people suspected of infection

- At the time of reservation, thoroughly call attention to the fact that individuals that do not comply with guidelines will be refused admission.

- Install a thermography camera to check visitor’s temperatures prior to their lining up for admission.

- Disinfect equipment and facilities that visitors and others may come in contact with.

Measure 2: 3C measures by restricting admission based on time slots and thoroughly ventilating the event hall

- Limit the number of visitors admitted by spacing admission times. Fully manage guidance when there is a risk of it being crowded.

- Regularly open windows and doors in the event hall that can be left open and use a blower or other type of fan for ventilation.

Measure 3: Tracking measures by implementing a reservation-only system

- Confirm name, telephone number and email address at time of reservation.

- Establish a tracking system using the Kyoto City Notification Service of COVID-19 Positive Cases.

 Other construction and preparations

- Design the layout so that it prevent visitors and exhibitors from clustering together.

- Implement full-fledged infection disease prevention measures for all workers, including taking workers’ temperatures, wearing masks and disinfection.


We plan to showcase artKYOTO2020 online so that people who cannot visit Kyoto or people living abroad can also enjoy the event. We plan to broadly disseminate the diverse value of culture and art around the world through online experiences, including the art market and related art events.