SEP 1, 2019

開催間近:続 はじめてアートを買う方必見「アート作品の買い方」 / Basic knowledge about ”HOW TO BUY ART” Vol.2




作品を購入することの意義って? / What is the significance of purchasing a work of art?





Purchasing a piece of art basically means owing that art. Even works of art that have been passed down for many generations can become buried if no one owns them.

Art can support the artist or make them a profit through financial transactions, and the buyer gets to enjoy that work of art as a personal possession. This can give the art "cultural value" as a source of inspiration.

気になる作品に出会ったら、 さあどうする? / What should you do when you encounter a work of art that you're curious about?






If you go to several galleries and view works of art, you will probably quickly figure out your own preferences. Defin itely talk to the gallery's staff if you come across works that match your preferences or that are perfect matches for the space you want to decorate.

The staff will give you in-depth knowledge about the artist's intentions and the features of the work, and they will probably have a good understanding of the piece's compatibility with the gallery. You really don't need to worry that the staff will be difficult to talk to because you haven't decided to buy the piece yet.

Before purchasing something, it is very important to ascertain whether or not you can trust the gallery or not. Try asking a variety of questions about the things that you are curious about.

作品を購入する際の注意点は? / What are some important points to consider when purchasing a work of art?





Purchasing a work of art is different from a financial transaction with a simple product, and let's not forget such a purchase is a contract. It doesn't require a procedure that is difficult to understand, but you should properly review the content of such a contract.

After the work is purchased, you will start a long association with the gallery and the work of art. The purchase documents include important points related to lending of the piece for its display in exhibitions, so make sure that you take very good care of it.

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