AUG 31, 2019


Basic knowledge about ”HOW TO BUY ART”



アート作品はどこで買えるの? / Where can a person buy a work of art?




There are a variety of methods for purchasing art in the modern information age like purchasing works of art over the internet, purchasing them directly from the artist, buying them at an art fare, or buying them at an auction.

We would recommend that beginners start by going to an art gallery.

One of the fun things about looking for art is checking out a gallery map, going to several galleries, and discovering what type of taste you prefer.

アートの値段や価値はどうやって決まるの? / How are the value or prices of a work of art decided?




It is extremely natural for the prices of products to be clearly written out when you are doing shopping at a supermarket or department store.

However, depending on the gallery or work of art, there are times when there is no price tag. Of course, if you ask the gallery, they will tell you the price.

The value of a work of art is determined by an agreement between the gallery and the artist, and there are cases when the price of a work will increase if it becomes more popular or gets a better reputation (this is the reason that works of art can qualify as investments). 

An important mindset to be in before purchasing art is believing in the value of the art. Having a work of art in your life that an artist has poured their ideas and skills into will definitely change your life!

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