artKYOTO 2020 Exhibitor Application Form
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Iikuradai Bldg. 4F,
1-9-12 Azabudai,
Minato-ku, Tokyo
106-0041 Japan
artKYOTO Co., Ltd
Houjin Yamada
Hanako Yamada

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Taro Yamada



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Exhibition Regulations

Exhibition Regulations

  • (Application)

    Applicants shall use Web Application Form and follow its instructions or accurately fill in the 'Application and Assent Form' (hereinafter referred to as 'Application Form'), attach necessary reference and send them with effective signature and seal by post before the deadline (October 16, 2020) to artKYOTO Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as 'Organizer').

  • (Exhibition Examination)

    The Organizer shall carry out the examination of the application forms and decides the exhibitors and booth location. (The Organizer shall not release the contents of the examination.)

  • (Approval of Exhibition Agreement)

    After the application examination by the Organizer, The Certificate of Exhibit Approval will be sent to the exhibitors and at that point the Examination Agreement of the 'artKYOTO2020' shall be approved between the Organizer and the Exhibitors and this Exhibition Agreement, Exhibition Cost, Booth Location decided by the Organizer and Exhibition Period shall automatically agreed. The Exhibitors shall not raise any objection to the Organizer's decided matters such as the location and the size of the booth.

  • (Obligations of Exhibition)

    Applicants shall be the Exhibitors after the approval of the Exhibition Agreement and shall be responsible to follow the Exhibition Agreement (including this agreement) and exhibit at 'artKYOTO2020'. The Exhibitors shall carry out their sales activity under their own names.

  • (Instructions and Related Events)

    The Exhibitors shall observe the Organizer's instructions on the occasion of the execution and operation of 'artKYOTO2020' and participate, cooperate with the related events as much as possible.

  • (Arrangement and Others)

    The Exhibitors shall arrange, display and sell on their own expense at the exhibit spaces (booths) decided by the Organizer, but shall not conduct hazardous and annoying acts for the Organizer and others. (Especially fire, dangerous chemical and objects are prohibited.)

  • (Prohibition of Transfer and Others)

    The Exhibitors shall not sublet, sell, transfer, exchange or license their part or whole exhibit space to neither other exhibitors nor third party.

  • (Payment of Exhibit Fee)

    The Exhibitors shall pay the Registration Fee 200,000 yen and Booth Fee with consumption tax to the Organizer by the date appointed in the Certificate of Exhibit Approval by paying into the following bank account. Money transfer fee shall be paid by the Exhibitors.

    • Account Name : Art Tokyo Association
    • Name of Bank : Mizuho Bank
    • Branch Name : Ginza
    • Branch Number : 035
    • Account : Saving Account
    • Account No : 4073528
  • (Non-repayability of Exhibit Fee)

    The Exhibitors acknowledge and agree that all fees payable under this Exhibition Agreement shall not be refundable or repayable under any circumstances, including but not limited to the cancellation of this Exhibition Agreement, for any reason.

  • (Cancellation by Exhibitors)

    Exhibitors may cancel this Exhibition Agreement, provided that: 1) all Exhibit Fee shall be fully earned once paid and shall be non-refundable under any circumstances; and 2) if Exhibit Fee is not fully paid, Exhibitors shall be still responsible for the following amount of Exhibit Fee regardless of reasons:
    a) cancellation (after the Certificate of Exhibit Approval has been sent to Exhibitors and) on or before 2020/10/31: 50% of the Exhibit Fee.
    b) otherwise: 100% of the Exhibit Fee.

  • (Order of Withdrawal)

    The Organizer may request an improvement before or during the Exhibition in case of the following hazardous and annoying acts were carried out by the Exhibitors, and if the Exhibitors will not follow, the Organizer may immediately stop the concerned deed or order the withdrawal of the display. (1) Hazardous acts (especially fire, dangerous chemical and objects) (2) annoying deeds to other Exhibitors and attendees at the aisle between booths (3) other deeds and display which lacks dignity and are socially unacceptable

  • (Exemption)

    The Organizer shall not be responsible at all for the accidents, injuries, thefts, damages due to the arrangements and installations of the Exhibitors.

  • (Withdrawal)

    After the period of 'artKYOTO2020', the Exhibitors shall immediately withdraw their arrangements and display with their own responsibilities and expenses and hand over the exhibit spaces to the Organizer in original condition. The Organizer is able to withdraw the Exhibitors' arrangements and displays in case the Exhibitors do not remove spontaneously and charge the expenses to the Exhibitors.

  • (Cancellation and Damage Compensation)

    The Organizer may cancel the Exhibition Agreement between the Exhibitors in case of the following cases. In these cases, damage compensation claim from the Organizer to the Exhibitors cannot be prevented.

    (1) In case of deed to damage the Organizer's credibility.
    (2) In case of danger and nuisance to the Organizer and attendees.
    (3) In case of disobedience to the Organizer's instructions.
    (4) In case of selling stolen goods, copyright infringements and other deeds fall under offenses.
    (5) In case of violation of provisions of this Agreement.
    (6) If the Exhibitor is or related to an antisocial forces.
    (7) In case the confidential relationship between the Organizer and the Exhibitors is violated.
    (8) Other reasons that are difficult to continue the Exhibition Agreement between the Organizer and the Exhibitors.

  • (Insurance)

    The Exhibitors shall consider a necessary insurance with their own responsibilities and expenses.

  • (Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction)

    Governing law to regulate the legal relations between the Organizer and the Exhibitors shall be the Japanese law and the jurisdiction court shall be Tokyo District Court.