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Everyone knows Kyoto has a long long history. Not only Kyoto as an ancient city, but also the forefront city where creates the most advanced technologies, academical studies, cultures and arts. This is the city where has the best environment to produce an art market in Japan and also in Asian countries.

We are blessed with artistic resorces and have big-named brands in Japan, where the precedented disaster has struck, last year “3.11”. We hope to regain ourselves with Japanese culture, and believe that we must make a new art market which shoulders the next art scene in our ages, finally we take a step forward to get realized our dream. This time, we will produce the massive art complexed events in Kyoto, that is based on the event took place at Hotel Monterey in 2010 and 2011.

This art fair will show you the destiny of Japanese and Asian art with a big impact.

ART KYOTO executive committee Keigo Ishibashi